Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Etsy Shop is open!

I've been working on writing patterns and sewing up a storm to get ready for opening my Windy Prairie Designs Etsy Shop. Here's what I have to offer:

Large padded zippered notions pouches:
I have been knitting a long time and always had a hard time keeping track of the needles required for sweaters or blankets. I've tried zip top bags but got tired of the needle tips popping through the plastic. Adding them into my regular notions bag didn't work because for some sweaters I need two long circulars, two short circulars, and a set or two of double point needles. There are needle organizers out there that tie or button close, but I wanted the security of a zipper. These large pouches can hold many circular needles and double points, and yet they lay flat and don't take up a lot of room.
large pouch

Small zippered notions pouches:
I've also made a small pouch that is great for your regular notions. It amazes me how much it can hold.
small pouch

Composition notebook covers:
Composition notebooks are always a favorite for keeping track of your ideas. From knitting and crochet notes to your everyday writing, they are great. My fabric covers fit your standard composition notebook, available at department and office supply stores. They are reversible as well, if you'd like another look.

Lots of fun fabrics to choose from, so take a look!

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